Glenn Christopher

Photography Contributor



I’ve lived in Naples, FL since 1989 after moving from Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington DC, where I spent my youth. The thought of living in yearlong paradise appealed to me so I packed up and moved with my parents to Bonita Springs, FL, a town just north of Naples. I started my work life in FL working for Sears selling electronics and that is where I met my wife of 26 years. We live in a comfortable home with two children and a dog. I got into photography after my brother-in-law traded up cameras and I bought his Konica-Minolta zoom point and shoot. Wow, is that camera small! I still have it and three others that got me to the point where I am now, with a full-frame Canon 6d and a 7d Mark II. I have recently added a pristine condition Canon 1DX full frame camera body and an Olympus OMD EM 1 mark II with a set of four lenses, this is serious now! I am honored to be a contributor for Divine Naples. I love Naples and have photographed this beautiful city for many years, as you will see from my photos.

Join us at Divine Naples for all your needs when in Naples or SWFL.

If you wish please send me a note or if you interested my pictures they are also available for purchase on this website.

Glenn G. Christopher